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April 18, 2015

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Everyone deserves to be looking neat and quite sexy for certain night gatherings, especially if you’re ones working in the company. Because usual scenario, if you’re into corporate world. Companies and affiliated are often hold an party meetings where they can talk about business and at the same time having fun together. Hence, this type of party are the ones most look forward by the staff especially those women out there who has a partake on this kind of business meetings.

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Firstly, if you’re into this. I think you should have yourself some sexy cocktail dresses and cheap cocktail dresses to rock on. Because it’s does applies with the saying ” fist impression last” yes! that is true that’s why having yourself a great and trendy cheap cocktail dress is must not just for the party alone but also it does help you out to boost your own confidence as you’re talking to the possible clients for your company.

If you’re pleased already to have yourself one. And dont know where to buy off or to at least find the cheapest ones for this type of cocktail dresses. No worries then, because I knew one shop here called where all the awesome dresses available today in the market were listed. You can actully heads up here: for the list of sexy dresses that might compliment you best.

March 30, 2015

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Every women deserves to be looking good at her own wedding day. Because at this day, she should be the apple of the eye not just for her husband to be but also to all the attendees who shares the moment to her as she takes the vows for her better half. Actually, wedding is one decision that mostly women are hardly to decide because as they walks towards the aisle, this means that they can willingly to give up all of her eagerness as for her own career path and sorts. Because as she gets married she probably taking care off with the husband as well to their children to be. Yes! woman is the one responsible more to her family  when in regards to molding the child and taking care off everything inside their home. Hence, women really deserved an well planned wedding ceremony that can remarkable above all.

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But before you’ll consider yourself walking at the church’s aisle. I think you should prepare first buy getting the most precious and fshionable wedding dress that can compliment on the type of body you have. And I think, is the best place for you to get your dresses because they’ve got all the trendy and newest designs of wedding dresses for this year’s new trend hence you should better check them off before considering yourself visiting the nearby mortar stores or designer’s shops where you resides.

 photo sum_zpswoyljpkp.jpg has a wide selections of wedding gowns and after the wedding dresses. Besides to their best seller wedding dress uk they’d also fond off to their lace wedding dress which one perfectly for the summer or beach type weddings. Also, if you got your baby already at your belly, no worries then. Because they has this maternity wedding dress that are way comfortable to you as you wears it. All of their wedding dresses are superb and the prices aren’t much where in fact it can’t breaks the pockets, at all…

For more details about their shop and for you to see on how great this shop is. You should take them a look at this link and see for yourself on how great they are and how they can treat their clients well..

March 26, 2015

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Sports wear used to be confined to the gym. Fashionistas and celebrities wouldn’t have been caught dead in a pair of sporty leggings or yoga pants. This season however, sporty fashion is all the rage on the runways, at home, and around town. Sport-inspired shirts, shoes, hats, pants, dresses, and coats can add some casual fun to your wardrobe, so get your game on and add a few of these fashionable items to your closet.

Volleyball Tees

Tees have always been popular to wear, paring well with full skirts, khaki shorts, or denim jeans. Volleyball t-shirts can add a trendy athletic touch to your outfit. These shirts come in solids, stripes, neutrals, neons, brights, or adorned with graphics, like these from Worldwide Sport Supply.

Chic Wedge Sneakers

You might not be running around the track in wedge sneakers, but you’ll look adorable. Wedge sneakers are available in a variety of styles and designs and come with darling details such as floral panels, metallic tones, and bright colors. They look great with skinny jeans, pleated skirts, or even leather pants. Put away your ballet slippers and go sporty.

Baseball Caps

No one will think you’re wearing your boyfriend’s baseball cap with the selection available today. Baseball caps come in a range of options including leather fabrics, fun prints, and covered in crystals. Accessorize your look with one of these baseball caps or cover up a bad hair day.

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Varsity Jackets

This season’s varsity jackets are not your typical high school-style coats. Today’s versions are sleeker, and you’ll be wearing them over skinny jeans and slinky dresses. Combining styles is what the sports-inspired fashion trend is all about! Have fun with unique combinations.

Track Shorts

Definitely a big step up from your rumpled running shorts, today’s track shorts are made from print fabric, have thick coordinating trim, and look fantastic dressed up. When you add a summer sweater or chambray blouse, you’ll be chic enough for any event.

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Sequin Track Pants

Don’t stop with track shorts; go for sexy sequin or silk track pants. These look terrific with plain colored tops and strappy sandals. Who would have thought you could wear sportswear to a dressy dinner date, but with this year’s athletic-inspired fashion pieces, you’ll definitely look like you’re ready for a night on the town.

Scuba Dresses

This year’s svelte dress style is inspired by scuba-diver wetsuits. This little dress hugs your body, but in a more flattering way than you might imagine, because of the thicker fabric. Perfect for dinner parties or cocktails with that special someone, these neoprene dresses are must-haves.


Mix and match these ideas to add sporty flair to your wardrobe without sacrificing style.

March 24, 2015

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We Asians are been known having a rice on each meal. Because that’s part of the culture thus it’s very healthy to eat than to those burgers and pizza that western people are used to eat daily – but am not stereotyping, am just saying how majority of Americans loves or prefers burgers as their daily meal. Actually, I prefers to eat pizza as my dinner too, occasionally, and yes. It does tastes so good to the mouth hence I really cant blame the people of loving it so much where to that fact they were eating it out as their daily source of nutrients.

But I think the best meal to eat for dinner is this simply leafy green salad. Because it hasn’t too many carbs added to it and green veggies are really good in many aspects and it has this magnesium which the most important nutrient of our body who play role majority insides.

Alright, that will be all for now and don’t forget to practice to eat right and be conscious on what you’re eating for you to have a healthy and long life.


March 22, 2015

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Livening up your closet doesn’t mean you have to feel guilty about utilizing the planet’s resources. Here are a few ways to incorporate sustainability into your closet.

Natural Fibers

It used to be that natural fibers were synonymous with itchy and uncomfortable. That is no longer the case. Clothing made with fibers such as silk, organic cotton and bamboo is created to feel smooth and allow for breathability. Tightly woven pieces are soft against the skin and aren’t clingy. Natural fibers are unprocessed and can be created without the use of toxins and chemicals. They are light in weight and can be used for any article of clothing. Natural fibers are also a win due to being biodegradable.

Second Hand

What better way to give a piece of clothing long lasting life than use it again and again? Skip the mall and check out your local thrift stores. You may be surprised at treasures hidden amongst the racks. Find a few pieces to add to your closet that have been gently used and you can rest assured that you are not causing new resources to be used for your wardrobe. Not only are you giving pieces a second life, but the prices you encounter at a second hand store can grant you the option of buying twice as much as your budget may have allowed otherwise.


Find a bunch of cool old ties but don’t know what use they could possibly have? Break out the sewing machine and stitch them together lengthwise to create a fantastically unique A-line skirt. Have a hole in the knee of an old pair of jeans? Pull out the inner seams and make a denim skirt. Hang on to your favorite items long after they’ve outlived their current use by upcycling them into a new article of clothing.

Recycled Materials

You may be surprised to learn that natural fibers aren’t the only material that can be utilized to create sustainable clothing. Materials such as plastic bottles can be recycled into fabric, as well. In fact, one company removes labels and caps from bottles, breaks them down into flakes, melts those flakes into pellets, and then heats it in yet another way to create a fiber. This fiber undergoes a variety of stretching and crimping processes to create fabric used for clothing. Recycled clothing can be extremely stylish too! Check out the recycled pants by Teeki on St. Bernard Sports.

Eco-Responsible Manufacturing

Keep abreast of how your wardrobe comes to be in the first place. Check out manufactures that create brands you are drawn to and verify that they utilize earth-friendly practices. Researching online can often turn up questionable practices that are a little less than stellar for the environment. If you find the company doesn’t make the grade, consider engaging in an e-mail campaign to let them know that eco-responsible manufacturing is important to you as a consumer.

Keeping sustainable measures in mind while you shop may seem difficult at first, but it can quickly become second nature. Follow these tips and you can wear your new (or new to you) duds knowing you had minimal impact on the earth.

March 20, 2015

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A lot of you are having a hard time to find the best pieces or finds that can complement the body type you have, right? no worries then. Because I knew one online store that has all the clothes listed and they used to carries most of the well-known brands in the fashion industry today which can drop your jaw big time, but the good thing was, the shop where I shop was very considerate by selling high quality finds and yet in a very reasonable prices – the prices aren’t that much that can probably breaks the wallet.

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The shop where I used to shop was this The online store had built it’s reputation already online on giving out only cheapest finds but the quality haven’t compromised at all. They were selling sorts of jumpsuits which are perfectly on this spring season. And if you look forward to summer most. No worries, because they’ve got some fashionable swimwear that you can actually pull off while you’re playing at the sea side.

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And if you are fond wearing dresses while having your skin tanned this summer. I think, mini floral dress was a perfect match for you. Though you can still consider to have these lovely long dresses like what you’re seeing on the top photo, or you can also pick the crop tops that can highlight your body shape more, than to these loose dresses.

To finish off your total outfit. Let’s be all spice it up with some chic accessories that are only of course available at, my favourite online shop. They have hats, hair accessories, best jewelries and belts that can help complete your total fashion statement.