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March 20, 2015

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Most women, especially those mid-20’s like I do has this hearts for travel and wander the world as they can. I knew most of you has the same sentiment as mine which I do like to travel the whole world before I reached my 30’s. I hope then, this planned will made up and reaches my ambitious dreams.

Anyway, as you keen to travel soon whether you go backpacking or sorts of luxurious traveling, perhaps. I think you should have to have these best essentials that can be useful on your entire travel that can’t be abolish on your list. There were some pieces that are fashionable and yet functional you should consider and one of it was these backpacks or mini waist bag – as you planned already to do some little hiking on your destination. You can actually have all the spacious backpacks at under their bags categories.

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But of course, a pair of kicks should be in to your luggage. Because you’d surely do some fast walks as you roaming the places and the best to have was this running type shoes which the most versatile one that you can be wear off on your dress as well on your gym type outfit. Also, these type of kicks are really comfortable thus you really have to have it as you want to enjoy the most of your wanders.

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And for your clothing. I think the best to pick was these active wears that are usually shorts, leggings and sorts of jackets that can protects you through out the day. Hence, it is much needed on your travel. You can also wear the jackets at the airport as you feel the breezy chills of the place while you waiting the flight to take off.

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Lastly, A great timepiece should be in that can even compliment your total outfit. Also, having this – you can actually calculate the time , in a way, you’d have to spend in a certain location to another. Hence, you should wear it while traveling..

Alright, these are the pieces, own my opinion, you should have to make your whole travel experience convenient. I hope then, I got you an idea on which one to bring and can filled up your baggage before you leave..

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