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July 2, 2014

Image and video hosting by TinyPic;

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I am not an celebrity nor at least an famous fashion blogger. Though, I simply loves to shared with my own opinion regarding fashion and let other people know on how beautiful the life is by wandering these beautiful places Ive been to. And yet I am not that influential online where companies are eyeing for me and to my blog and sending out all of these lovies. I think, they’d simply loves on how I can able to promote their each product through my honesty and pure review..hehe I dunno, I am also wondering why I used to got some great offers along my way..

Recently, the online shop called had contacted me for further collaboration. And of course, I say yes to them since each of their products are really speaks to my style and in trend. So – yeah! I’d just made one promotional content for them that Ive been posted out on my other site and in-exchange they’ve gave me these, see the photos above. One pull over that has an kitty print on it, which I really adore, and the lovely pink-ish blazer coat that can get along in any top I’d decided to paired with it. Plus, they also sent me this chic bracelet that is perfectly matched to the blazer. Yes! that;s how generous they are, wait! they also gave that tiger print belt that can goes well in any shorts I’ve got.

Their items are ranging to 20-up usd and they offers an free shipping worldwide too with a minumun spend of 20 usd. Check their site today and see for yourself on how chic and fashionable their items were.

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