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June 7, 2014

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Firstly, forgive me on the inequality of the photo because as you can see it, I am just the one who took it by myself..huhu too bad there’s no peeps around that time when I took this. So – yeah! I got all the items am wearing from different brands and online shops  for free in exchange of my honest opinions and reviews about to each items I’ve got.

The mini chic dress is from the wedding type online shop that I haven’t remembered their shop link, bear with me then, since it’s been a year a guess when I got this lovely dress. But anyway, Ive already posted up my review regarding them on my other site so nothing to worry about on my end at all since Ive done my part on promoting them way back time..hehe Because I aimed to update this blog with my personal stuff and without any company’s link included on each post I make. I hope the company will understand that as they accidentally stumbled upon on this site while reaching over the web..

Secondly, the earrings and the bracelet am wearing are from the shop they gave me an coupon code worth 200 usd for me to experience the on how to shop on their awesome shop. And I must say, it really does this convenient. Because their online shop is easily to manage plus their each items are well categorized that cant make a hurts on your eyes as you lurk around.

And lastly the phone case is from the nearby store here where I currently resides. They just emailed me and found out that I was 10 steps apart so they’ve decided to invite me over and pick the item I wanting for, of course, to make my review afterwards.

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