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July 6, 2014

 photo 247512_590020094356019_1308221481_n_zps0d6f3810.jpg

When it comes to my own fashion. I am more to apparels than to accessories, though I got myself various of accessories but I dont invest that much to it since I prefers to have these clothes that I may surely to have them for longer times or good years. I know accessories are must-haves as well if you really wanted yourself to be looking chic and fashionable. But if I buy them expensively, I’ll rather buy myself one coat for this winter season, right? that why merely I ended up getting such great finds than to these accessories. But luckily, I got an sponsor who is giving me these fancy accessories I’d needed for free but of course in exchange of my honest review. Well, I think we’re both benefiting on this, right? hehe They’ve sent me the one bracelet on top and these 2 below..

 photo 931262_590020114356017_96965126_n_zps8ae6d8c2.jpg

 photo 941867_590020047689357_1604217799_n_zps405a20a6.jpg

I honestly more like the one on the very top. Because it has an quirky designs, plus, it can goes well in any styling Ive got, I think, it suits well in any casual and formal wears. All these accessories are from bellast and I might soon hold an giveaway contest here for you to experience, as you won, on how to shop on their site and chic their each finds there..

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