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November 6, 2014

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I was really fascinating on to things that are useful enough thus  reasonable to have were in the fact that it cant hurt my pocket that much. Yes! I always look on to these great finds that these companies are selling in their sale price or cheap ones. Recently, I am eyeing to this double pan from Happy call though there were some great brands out there in the market and yet, I greatly found this happy call reasonable and yet the quality doesn’t compromise at all. Hence, this is the best one, I think, in all double pan available in the market today. And good thing, the one online shop that caters happycall on their shop had contacted me for an collaboration and since I eager really to have it, I’ve asked them if they could send over the pan in exchange of my review and luckily I am they’d agreed and they immediately arrange the shipping for me to get my pan in the timely fashion..hehe Yes! that lucky I am to have my wanting items for free without spending any single peny even in the shipping matter. I think that’s what we called #BloggerPerks

By the way, Happy call is an local brand in South Korea and the benefits of this pan is that, you dont have to put it in any cooking oil as you fry your meat to it. Because the pan made it an unsticking because of the black coating thingy on the surface of the pan. Sorry though, because I dunno what’s the right term for that, I hope you can bear with me.. hehe The pan is ranging 20-100 usd depending on where you resides. Just check your local appliance stores for more details.

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