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February 17, 2015

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You know it’s going to be cold, so you have probably thought about the obvious ski jacket and waterproof ski pants. You know you will need ski boots (if you need a new pair, there is a good selection of ski boots to choose from at and some good, thick socks. What else should you pack to ensure your skiing holiday is comfortable, safe and – almost just as important – stylish?
















Other hints and tips

Remember that there is a weight limit for airline luggage allowance; wear your ski jacket when traveling to lighten the load; take travel wash with you for base layers and undies to reduce the amount you need to take. Pack clothes in plastic bags to keep them dry in case your suitcase is left standing on the runway in rain or snow.

Finally, when choosing your outerwear, don’t be afraid of bright colors. It will help people to recognize you, and you needn’t be shy because there will be all kinds of clashes and combinations when you get out onto the slopes. The most important thing will be that you feel warm and that you are safe and well protected.

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