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December 3, 2014

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Since she wants her wedding day to be perfect, a meticulous bride should note even the smallest detail about her wedding. Brides normally focus a lot of their attention on their wedding gowns but sometimes do not pay too much attention on the jewelry that they are going to wear or their hairstyle. Oftentimes they do not know if the gown they have chosen really suits them. They just pick the one they think is beautiful. What people should know though is that a bride’s face shape is important in choosing the right gown and hairstyle. The face shape is determined when all of the hair is pulled away and the outer edge of the face is studied.

If the bride has an oblong face, the wedding gown neckline should be a Sabrina neckline and off the shoulder or strapless gown. A round face needs a deep V neckline to make the face appear thinner and longer. Someone with a heart shaped face should wear a wide scoop neckline. On the other hand, a square jaw line needs the softness of a lace edge or scoop neckline. An oval and diamond face are the ideal face shapes since they have perfect proportions and can go well with any type of neckline.

When choosing the jewelry, the face shape, neckline, and the size of the bride should all be taken into consideration. The right jewelry will flatter the bride while the wrong one will stand out. The lines of her face should blend with the lines in the jewelry. An oval face can wear any earring shape. Long earrings should be worn by someone with a round face to lengthen it. A heart shape face needs earrings that are wider at the bottom to balance a narrow chin. A square face on the other hand, should wear a drop earring. As for necklaces, they should complement the gown’s neckline, the detail of the bodice, and the face shape.

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