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November 21, 2014

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Just because a wedding gown is beautiful does not mean that it is the right one for you. There are factors to consider such as your body type and height. Do not just choose according to your idea of what a perfect wedding dress is. You have to keep in mind that style, measurements, and fabric can have an effect on the style of wedding gown that best suits a particular body type. Choosing the right wedding dress is easy if you know what your body shape is.

Know your dimensions first before shopping for a wedding gown and see if you look great in a short wedding dress (if you have nice legs) or in a long gown (if you do not). If you are petite, choose something that will make you look taller such as an A-line wedding dress and avoid sheath-style wedding dresses. Do not wear gowns with full skirts because you will look bottom heavy. Always wear high heels. If you are a full-figured woman, go for an A-line silhouette to lengthen the whole body without drawing attention to your waistline. If you do not like the way your arms look, wear one with sleeves.

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If you have a full bust, an off-the-shoulder gown will look good on you because it emphasizes the shoulders and makes the chest look smaller. Wear a narrow skirt instead of a full skirt because the latter will make you look big both on top and bottom. As for a woman who has big hips and buttocks, wear a wedding dress that focuses on your upper body and draws attention away from your hips. Show off your bustline, arms, and back.

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