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June 10, 2014

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When it comes to fashion. I think the most necessity was these sunnies. Because sunnies is very versatile, functional and useful for our daily living. It can be an protection as well to the sun besides on it being an fashion piece. Also, this was the most cheapest among the other fashion finds available today in the market. Though, there were some expensive ones from the high-end fashion brands but moreover, sunnies are the ones inexpensive as you all know on where the best store to shop.

Recently, this sunnies online shop had contacted me again to do an review for some of their sunglasses and they’ve sent me out these aviator type of sunglasses, plus, some vintage inspired one that you may see on below’s photo. I am so fortunate to have all of these for free and enjoy all of them in all year seasons. Yes! we can wear sunglasses even to winter because it can helped out spiced up the total outfit we’re trying to pull off. Hence, let all have our sunglasses today and create your own fashion statement to it.

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I dont often wear these sunglasses because they’re not that fit on the shape of my face. And I think, as you buying your sunglasses online. You’ll really have to consider the shape of your face first before getting the sunglasses on your shopping cart. Because it may not look so good to you as you got the wrong one based on your face type. That is why knowing your face shape first is really a must!

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