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June 2, 2014

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Hey! Welcome to my where all my travels and fashion insights are posted. Actually, I’d still dunno on how I may built this up over online or what particular topics that should I put in more. But I think I am better with fashion and travel at the same time, hence, I’ve made it this way. I hope I can continuously and constantly update this site within the topics Ive mentioned. Also, I look forward that you may find all the contents listed to this platform useful and informative as you, yourself is a fond of traveling and liking on what’s new in the fashion industry today.

Let me first introduce myself. I am Jane the co-ower of this site. Yes! you’d heard it right that I got another person who’ll moderate on this blog and that will be my brother Ronel. Actually, this site is kinda extension on our other site called : But at this time, we would like to be more focus on fashion and travel since we really like to travel ( as we have extra bucks to spend) and to have these chic pieces that can make us looking in trend. I really hope that you could visit us often here and share what you’d wanted to read or any certain topics you wanted us to post up, it might be an place directions, our fave restaurant or even make an possible itinerary for you as we got onto the places you’d wanted to visit. Just hang in here often for more updates and information.

Also, if you have any suggestions or questions, dont hesitate to reach our out on these email addresses : & and we’re really happy to get back in you with our answers or suggestions. And we do use the same emails too for the advertising offers. Just let us know further about the details of your offers and we’re very happy to work on it in the timely matter.

Thank you!

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