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June 6, 2016

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I admit, I rarely post up some personal update here as I am indeed busy on my offline errands especially now am having my first baby. But anyway, awhile ago as am checking my phone’s album I just got this picture of me with my cousin wearing the same jumper which I found amusing, because we did looks like real sister here hence let me post it up here as I want to keep this blog on track like what am doing before, in away, yes! I am guilty for not giving you all some sorts of personal touch on this blog.

 photo FB_IMG_1452223834460_zps8iwrzl44.jpg

And of course, we have to do the mandatory Asian peace sign before getting off the camera. and look, we did have the save sling bags too, I think we should do some outfit post soon as I enjoyed seeing these photos. Okay, that will be all and please keep on tuning here as I was keen now to update ya’ll with my personal stuff , like this one, from now on.

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