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August 31, 2015

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When every time I got myself in my loving homeland, Philippines. We see to it that we gone in the beautiful beaches there. Because California are not so good with its beaches and I know most of you will agree on it, right? but am not saying that cali is not beautiful I am not just pleased with it’s beaches. Yes! I am actually made it here in the Philippines and I was really happy to be reunited with my family and to have our short vacation in the one finest Island of the country which in Elnido Palawan.

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Actually, me and my husband had dreamt off of this long time ago that we can get able to see the beautiful Palawan since we got to heard some good reviews about it hence we decided that we really have to see it with our own bear eyes whether the Island is indeed beautiful or not. And with no doubt. Eldino is one of the gem of the Earth that we should have to see. Because the water is like a crystals and each island we’ve been through has it’s own story and rich in experiences. I’ll blog further about it by my next post because I needed to go off for work now.

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