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September 1, 2014

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Though life is really exhausting and full of stress but yet  I see to it that I can relax and releases the tension having inside me by hitting the gym once in awhile and sweats off all the frustrations. I know you’re doing the same thing as you going through some tough times along your way. And am telling you, it does really works and helps me to think positively after the intense workouts. This is me heading to the gym though I was looking quite well in here but my mental states aren’t that focus hence I really needed to sweats off and got back up on my track afterwards.. hehe by the way, the sunnies am wearing here are from the company I used to work with in the past, but bear with me, because I forgot already in which online shop it’s belongs.. hehe Okay, that will be for now and please keep on checking me for more fashion news and updates..