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June 24, 2015

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Planning a wedding is not easy. There are many things that you need to take care of such as the wedding venue, reception, invitations, entourage, dresses, food, motiff and many more. If your budget is more than enough, you can get the services of a wedding planner but if it is not, you can always shop in an online store where you can buy everything you need in one place and save money, time, and effort. is one of the most popular one-stop online bridal shops. Not only do they have beautiful, elegant yet affordable wedding gowns, there are also colorful and stylish bridesmaid dresses at There is actually a variety of bridesmaid dresses to suit whatever taste and preference you have. If you want summer style short chiffon bridesmaid dresses, then they also have it.
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Their products are categorized into Wedding Dresses (Luxury Style, Vintage Gowns, Maternity Wedding Dresses, New Wedding Gowns); Bridesmaids Dresses (Plus Size Bridesmaid, Summer Style, Long/Short Bridesmaid Dresses, Maternity Dresses); Wedding Party (Bridesmaid Dresses, Mother of the Bride, Flower Girl, Junior Bridesmaid Dresses, Wedding Guest Dresses); Accessories (wedding shoes, veils, tiaras, handbags, jewelry, bridal petticoats, lingerie, garters etc.); Special Occasion Dresses (Little Black Dresses, Little White and Celebrity Dresses, Plus Size Dresses, Prom, Homecoming Dresses, Cocktail and Evening Dresses etc.); and Reception and Favors (Wedding Decorations and Gifts, Wedding Reception, Wedding Ceremony).
If you are having trouble choosing which dress to buy, you can narrow down your search by designer, price, silhouette, fabric, neckline, hemline, train, body shape, season, shoulder strap, sleeve style, waist, embellishment, and shown color. Once you click the image of the product you like, the product description will appear. Most if not all of their products are affordable. delivers to countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania and many others.
June 15, 2015

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Firstly, sorry for not able to update you this past week due with my workloads offline which needed to be done on the timely fashion hence I need to sacrifice in away on updating this blog. But anyway, I’ve already done with that errands and am ready already to share all of my fashion tips and review simultaneously again in here –

A week ago, Ive got an email from one of the leading online brand today when it comes to chic dresses and costumes ; the At first, I kinda hesitant to do it, I mean to do the collab since I knew that am getting myself busy from other works but yet I considered them because their each items were truly chic and in trend. You can actually check them over for you to see for yourself on how lovely their items were.

They’ve sent over this lovely dress here which has an item name of “Black Mirror Accent Backless Sexy Cocktail Dress” the dress is pretty simple and yet elegant looking which is perfectly in any night out parties and events. I am actually thinking off wearing it on our upcoming company meetings this coming 10th of July and I’ll keep you posted on how do I look that night as I try to pull this dress off..

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Meantime, let me share with you some of my photos trying this dress out for you to have a peek on how awesome this dress was and how perfectly fits in to the body type you had. Actually, this dress is made of cotton and I think it does fits well in any body types as long you were that confident on wearing it off.

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The dress itself really compliment on my body and it gives this optical illusion ( I think) that can made you like looking slender hence girls you should have it on for yourself as you wanting to be the head turner on your upcoming party.

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It is also a backless. Though I am not that comfortable wearing it but I guess it’s fine because the dress itself is pretty elegant and it can boost a confidence for a girl’s end. also sells some shoes, accessories and other fashion finds that are in trend. And other good thing was, all of their items are in cheapest prices unlike with the other online shops who has their not-so quality items selling for the higher prices which can turnt broke the wallet. Hence, you should consider shopping at amiclubwear first before others.

For you to be updated on what’s new and hot for fashion, even to the shop’s,, best deals you can follow them up on their social media channels below:

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June 14, 2015

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As we talk about fashion. We then talking about the huge and spacious box, what I meant by that? well, fashion these days aren’t revolve on one corner ; meaning it’s broad where in fact mostly items these days are consider as fashion pieces or items as you be part of it on your own fashion statements. Before, bags and watches are only considered as fashion accessories but now as the fashion evolved and how these people treats fashion today, now – even pins and vows and sorts are can be part of fashion world.

If you don’t have any idea on what are these additional items can be consider on your own fashion, you can check over for the list because as I’ve heard they’d get all the items selling over on the shop that are most considered today by these fashion icons for their own fashion hence you better check it off, really, for you to gets in.

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Actually, accessories are really important for fashion. Because these little lovely things are the ones spice up on your total outfit you’d trying to pull off like for example on the scarf where you can see to cover up your flaws and at the same time if could look on you better. Other pieces that I truly like was this watch which the superb with ll the accessories because watches are functional and useful on your daily grind.

For the list of accessories you can check this link over : for you to see on what other pieces you could have to complete your total outfit.

June 9, 2015

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You only get one chance to make a great first impression and in a society that is becoming increasingly driven by social conformity and image led acceptance, owning a beautiful smile to be proud of is a fantastic confidence booster.

In order to satisfy consumer needs and the growing demand for a perfect set of teeth, the market has become saturated with dental practitioners offering competitive services to secure your custom, enabling you to carry out thorough research and be selective when choosing a respected practice such as Kool Smiles.

The benefits associated with a beautiful smile are widely documented. A healthy and well maintained set of teeth not only boost self-esteem and confidence, they are often reported to promote a youthful appearance and portray approachability and a happy nature, both of which are endearing to others.

Whilst regular dental visits are key to ensuring the maintenance and overall health of your teeth, there are 6 easy steps you can incorporate into your daily home care routine to ensure that your smile continues to sparkle all year round.

Adopt the 2 Minute Rule

Brush your teeth at least twice a day for a minimum of 2 minutes for optimum oral hygiene. Pay attention to each tooth and use small circular movements to clean the surfaces thoroughly and remove plaque and harmful bacteria that could lead to tooth decay, which would not be beneficial to the promotion of those super Kool Smiles.

Flex the Floss

Floss daily with interdental brushes or dental tape to dislodge any trapped food and remove a build-up of plaque between your teeth.

Attack Acid Invasion

Sugar produces acid that will attack the enamel on your teeth and actively encourage tooth decay. Whenever possible avoid consuming food and drinks high in sugar such as sodas, cakes, chocolates and fruit juices. If you do fancy the occasional indulgent treat, drinking a glass of water afterwards will help to reduce acidity and wash away fruit sugar residue.  It is also important to avoid brushing your teeth for at least an hour after the consumption of acidic foods and drinks, as they soften the enamel leaving it prone to damage.

Your Teeth Are Not Your Toolbox

Avoid using your teeth as a tool to open bottle tops, packaging or to cut tape, as you risk damaging and your chipping teeth.

Banish Unwanted Bacteria

Chewing sugar free gum after each meal increases saliva, which helps to neutralise excess acid in the mouth and restore a natural chemical balance.

Freshen Up

Enhance your dental care by using a tongue scraper to remove sulphur producing bacteria that live at the back of the tongue and an approved mouthwash after brushing, to prevent decay and reduce the risk of potential infections.

Whilst regular check-ups with a reputable dental practitioner are essential to maintaining healthy gums and good teeth that you are proud to promote and showcase to the world, it is important to feel at ease and comfortable in the presence of your practitioner. Staff should be sensitive to your needs and concerns and your customer journey should exceed expectations, promoting a positive experience that you wish to relay to others. As with any service the provision of helpful tips and current industry information is key to installing customer confidence and the ability to put young children at ease by making their experience fun and interactive, goes a long way in securing return custom and building a strong bond with clients. When customer service is high, customer satisfaction will be even higher and sparkling smiles will become the number one promotional tool for a thriving and highly respected business.

The concept really is a simple yet effective one, not only can a beautiful smile promote confidence and lead to many complements, regular visits to your dental practice will help to ensure long term health benefits that can be further enhanced by adopting 6 easy home care steps. Having a beautiful smile can improve your life in more ways that you may think, so join the smile revolution and spread a little happiness today!

June 5, 2015

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For many of us, cancer is a heartbreaking, devastating word. We don’t want to talk about it because we see it everywhere – we hear about a beloved celebrity losing their life to the disease, or a young child who has just been diagnosed with leukemia in need of funds. In our own personal sphere, the chances are that we know someone among our family and friends who have had cancer.

There is so much we don’t understand about the disease – and much of this comes from the sheer injustice of who cancer affects. People who have taken care of their body, people who have treated others kindly, and innocent children who have barely begun life – all are suddenly in the grasp of this mysterious disease that turns the body against itself. However, things are changing. We are, slowly, beginning to learn more about cancer. It’s not just about finding treatments that work but also about recognizing signals early, and even adopting alternative lifestyles that help reduce the chance of getting cancer.

We owe it to our children

We don’t need to emphasize why researching cancer is important. Many people will already give to cancer charities as well as help raise money for the cause. There are those who give to cancer research after having lost a loved one, or recovered from cancer themselves – they are celebrating being a survivor, or they want to honor the memory of those they have lost. They believe that if we can keep working towards more solutions for preventing, identifying, and treating cancer, then we can help future generations.

Long-standing cancer support foundations such as the Institut Curie need funding in order to keep many operations running smoothly; these include social missions, fundraising efforts, and operating costs. Undeniably, research is important – not just because of what it may offer to current generations. The more we understand about cancer, the more we are better able to treat it. Now, thanks to cancer research, we see individuals whose cancer has been identified during its early stages and who have benefited from proactive treatment – millions of lives have been saved. With further research, we are able to offer the same to our children – and perhaps even find a cure.

Through cancer research, we are constantly learning about alternative therapies, healthy diets, and different lifestyles, as well as new medications and treatments. We are helping people to have a longer life and get the closure with the loved ones they need, while helping others to overcome cancer completely. Fatality rates of certain cancers are falling, and we are making progress in beating the disease. It’s not just about being close to a cure but also about continuing to offer a dignified quality of life, whether it’s ensuring sufferers have the right facilities accessible to them or the right to have no pain. We need cancer research because we recognize that everyone matters – and we owe it to our children to work towards a future where cancer no longer takes away those we love.


June 2, 2015

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Looking good on and off the volleyball court is the key to getting yourself to the court in the first place and, following this, remaining in the game and focused while you’re playing. Luckily this task has never been easier thanks to the All Volleyball spandex collection, full of hot workout wear to keep you comfortable, on-trend and on top of your game at all times. Here are some key pieces to add to your workout gear.

Spandex Shorts

Shorts are the volleyball uniform of choice for players worldwide, and these days you can find a style that suits you whatever your fashion preferences. Even if official games call for standard black, practice sessions allow for some creativity. Whether you pick a bright pink pair, or some of the newest print styles such as jungle safari, neon peace sign, or zebra, you can have some fun on the court and inject additional energy and enthusiasm into your plays. When choosing shorts, consider the length, inseam, material, and brand in order to find the best pair for you.

Printed Leggings

Leggings are a great option to keep you warm before or after your game. Styles abound, so you can decide whether you want the classic black or to go with something a little more unique such as a bright color or print. You can find gorgeously colored leggings that have celestial prints, skeletal designs, or beautiful landscapes, among the other numerous options. Just make sure the fit is good (tight but not too tight, so you feel comfortable wearing them out and about) and the material is durable and easy to care for.

Workout Jacket

A good jacket to layer on pre or post-game is essential to your gear collection. Do you want a zip-up or a pullover? A jacket with a hood or a more minimalist style? The choices go on and on. Depending on the material this can be a great layering piece or an outer shell to keep you warm in the colder months.

Sports Bras – Stylish Support

No longer limited to drab colors and styles that are suitable only for their supportive functions and covering up, sports bras have come along way since their invention. Color and style options abound for the choosy athlete, so let your good taste peek out and pick one of the newest and hottest varieties available.

One of the best things about choosing workout gear in the most recent years is that the trend for athleisure apparel, or items that bridge the gap between workout apparel and leisure garments, has made finding fashionable workout wear a breeze. Your ability to find the best looking, most flattering fitting apparel is limited only by your time allotted for selection – you can pretty much find anything you can imagine. Take a look, read some reviews, and you’ll soon be playing volleyball and feeling confident that you look your absolute best.