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November 26, 2015

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Your prom night should be one that you’ll remember forever with a smile so it’s a must that you wear the right dress. There’re a couple of things to keep in mind such as buying a dress that fits you like a glove and suit your body type. It should also be comfortable since you’ll be doing a lot of dancing. When picking out the perfect dress, you also need to consider your own sense of style and figure out which dresses look best on you. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a short or long prom dress. Furthermore, choose colors that flatter your skin tone. You should likewise pick out matching shoes and wearing the right jewelry or accessories. Since you’d want a few things with you, find an elegant clutch bag that works with the color and style of your dress.

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An online store where you can buy pretty and cheap prom dresses is It’s one of the world’s leading online retailers operating throughout the US and Europe. They have a wide array of high quality, fashionable, and budget-friendly prom, cocktail, evening, and wedding dresses. They also pride themselves in giving fast and accurate delivery to clients all over the world. Furthermore, they provide 24-hour customer service on weekdays. Heads here for further details:

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I noticed many beautiful dresses but the V-neck Sleeveless Floor-length Long Pearl Pink Prom Dresses UK PD1501 really stands out. This custom made dress is comfortable and lightweight. It’s simple yet sophisticated because of its flowing silhouette and exquisite fabric. I also like the low neckline that’s sexy but not raunchy, as well as the front shearing. also has a lot of eye-catching prom dresses UK under 50 like the A-line Sweetheart Knee-length Pink Tulle Prom/Cocktail Dress PD212. I like the simplicity of this dress. It’s a dress that still commands attention even though it’s not flashy. The braided back detail is cute as well.

November 14, 2015

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Many women prefer wearing sandals and flip flops compared to other forms of footwear because they’re comfortable, light, and easy to clean. Plus, they come in many stylish and colorful designs. Furthermore, if you buy quality sandals, you’ll surely be using them for a long time because of their durability. If this is the case, expensive, comfortable sandals are a better option than cheap ones which you’ll only use for a short while. Having said that, proper care must be observed so that your sandals will always look like they’re newly bought and for them to last long.

If you have leather sandals, you should know the proper way of cleaning them. Leather can be tricky to wear and tricky to take care of. They tend to accumulate dirt, water stains and other marks that cause them to quickly look as if they’re old and worn out. If they have mud or is splashed with rain, let them dry naturally. Then, take a medium-to-soft-bristle brush and brush the leather gently using short strokes or a light circular motion so as to remove dry dirt. For soft leather, use a special suede brush because this has bristles on one side and gum rubber on the other which removes scratches and salt stains. For tough stains, mix a mild solution of liquid dish detergent and water and use a textured cloth to wipe it clean.

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For a wide selection of leather and other types of sandals for men and women, shop at ReefTheir collection of women’s sandals include Classic, Leather, Rubber, Fashion, and Athletic sandals. Shoppers will definitely love the fact that all their sandals are of high quality and yet affordable. There’re a couple of women’s sandals that’re worth checking out like the reef Sun Honey. It’s ultra chic and has faux leather T-strap that features braided detail and reef metal rivet. It also has an adjustable buckle, soft EVA footbed, and rubber sponge outsole.

I also like the reef Leather Uptown which is available in brown and coral. It’s handmade premium leather from Brazil and has features such as skinny, full grain leather strap; full grain leather footbed with anatomical arch support; and durable rubber outsole. Last but not the least is the reef Voyage, one of their newest and most fashionable sandals. This pair has a distressed, well worn look and is made from premium full grain leather. Other notable features are burnished leather deck; raw edge leather upper; cork midsole with anatomically correct arch support; and iconic vibram rubber outsole.


November 13, 2015

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Might most of you are pretty much excited for the next year’s events such as your own wedding, promenade, company parties even you birthday this coming February. Yes! all of us are has this feeling of excitement, who doesn’t anyway? that is why I am so keen as well to tell ya’ll what I’ve found this recently where a shop that has all these little biscuit were houses, when I said biscuits I prefers those lovely eye candy dresses that we can all pull off in any events we got on our ways. One of the dresses I eye-ing about was this lovely long formal dresses australia because as we all know that long type of dresses are pretty much girly and it does gives a girl, like you, a very pleasant look as you wears it hence it’s pretty much decent for you to have as you are not that fond of wearing anything quirky.

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Long type dresses are all available here Formal Dress Shops Online with variety of colors and sizes even the designs are pretty well. Or you can either heads here: for you to pick on which one you think is perfectly on your type of personality. But if you wear asking me though, I prefer to have this Formal Dresses Australia, why? well, its happened that this dress is one of the picked by these fashion icons and enthusiasts today to pull off hence it’s really hit on today’s fashion and must be look forward to have. Because anytime soon, this type of dress will surely be a bomb on dresses industry.

November 12, 2015

Pay only PHP1130 and save PHP4213 but still look party-ready with this dress.

Growing up, I always wanted to dress up and go to an occasion feeling like a princess with all the sparkle and shimmer and everyone would look at me in awe.

I got to find that perfect sparkly, party DRESS with the perfect modern twist. ItÕs not the Cinderella gown with all itÕs layers of fuzziness but it has this simple and structured look that i wanted with the sequins at the top that add to the sparkle that IÕve been dreaming about. Sizes range from S M L X Xl XXL

Pink Sequin Strapless Short Dress
Pink Sequin Strapless Short Dress
Pink Sequin Strapless Short Dress

It doesnÕt stop there. Looking like a princess should not be expensive. ItÕs especially perfect because itÕs on sale and i get to have a discount just by subscribing!

ItÕs a breeze having it delivered within just a matter of 3-5 days through Express Shipping with payments made through PayPal. Scrolling through this WEBSITE was also very lovely with so many options to choose from!

Feel and look like a princess but spend like a pauper! Purchase your dress now!

November 10, 2015

TEMPTU - Airbrush Makeup Tips for Halloween

Memorable Makeup from the Movies Infographic Provided by TEMPTU

Sometimes it’s a character’s makeup that makes a movie interesting. The more realistic, scary, and shocking it is, the more we’re taken to another place and thus, the more we appreciate the movie. The makeup process is difficult because it takes long hours to put on. A team of professional and knowledgeable persons make sure that the characters look absolutely real. Among the movie characters that made their mark on audiences worldwide are Heath Ledger’s The Joker (The Dark Knight), Rebecca Romijn’s Mystique (X-Men), Lawrence Mokoare’s Lurtz (The Lord of the Rings), Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra (Cleopatra), Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein’s Monster (Frankenstein), Nicole Kidman’s Joanne Eberhart (The Stepford Wives), Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator (Terminator 2), Robin Williams’ Mrs. Doubtfire (Mrs. Doubtfire), and Robert De Niro’s Max Cady (Cape Fear).