Fashion & Travel
December 21, 2018

With all of the holiday parties, community service opportunities and work dinners, you’ll want to make sure you look your best. Besides, so many people will be taking pictures at these events. You want to be remembered in your holiday best! However, the holiday season can be so busy that it’s easy to forget about yourself. In order to put your best foot forward while maintaining a busy schedule, consider these tips.

1. Take care of the details.

Whether it’s a red manicure or those perfect blonde highlights, take care of those details ahead of time. Visit your local professionals to get your manicure, pedicure and hairstyle just right. If you want to look polished with minimal effort, eyelash extensions are perfect. When you search online, type in words like “eyelash salon near me” to find the perfect option for your holiday look. When your eyelashes, nails and hair are done, all you’ll need to do is throw on a bit of makeup to complete the total look. Personal grooming can be hard work. Leave it to the professionals in order to save yourself the time and pressure.

2. Shop online.

Bring the party to your house. It can be really time-consuming to sort through garments, try them on and stand in long lines. Instead, do all of the hard work from the comfort of your couch. Turn on a great holiday movie, your favorite snacks and your laptop or tablet. Make a list of everything you need. Have it delivered to your home. Make sure you know your exact measurements so that you can purchase clothing in the right sizes. Purchase different options to make sure you always have a festive look for the different places you’re going throughout the season.

3. Get your rest.

When you’re really tired, it reflects in the way you look and feel. If you want to be the life of the party (or at least alive for the party), honor the amount of sleep your body really needs in order to thrive. Don’t try to push the limit and run on a few hours of sleep each night. Instead, go to bed early. Develop a new nighttime routine that supports optimal health.