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April 3, 2019

Kids grow so quickly, and often you find yourself either stuck with a ton of hand-me-downs (if you’re lucky) or you have several different sizes in their closet at once just in case they grow a foot overnight.

For how small their clothes are, they sure do take up a lot of space. So how do you minimize that space, making it easier for them to get dressed and have more room for their toys and other stuff?

Clean for the Season

If you find your kids closet crammed full of Gap kids (I mean, really, it’s the cutest), then you may need to give some thought to reorganizing based on the season. They’ll rarely wear long sleeves in the summer, so ditch those. As you do this, you can probably pack it away for good because next summer they’ll be too big for it.

Store Hangers Vertically

Even if your child’s closet isn’t tall, you can probably still get away with this hack because their clothes aren’t adult-sized yet. Use shower curtain pulls, drink can pulls, or cheap metal chain to extend the closet space up and down instead of side to side.

Use Pegs

You can double up on hangers or store whole outfits together by using pegs to clip the pants onto the hanger or the bottom of the shirt. This saves space in drawers if you’re currently folding pants and storing them in the dresser.

Get an Extendable Wardrobe Rod

You can double or triple your wardrobe space by getting an extendable rod that hangs from your current rod and provides you with an extra one. Now you can organize your kids closet by size, item, colour, or anything that makes it easy.

Among these hacks are using hangers to store shoes and accessories, using storage baskets, using hanging organizers, and more. You can get the most out of your child’s closet with just a few simple changes, making your life a lot easier.