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December 19, 2014

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Brides naturally make a lot of effort and take a considerable amount of time to choose their perfect wedding dress not only because it is a once in a lifetime event but also because it is usually the thing that is remembered the most in a wedding. Furthermore, a bride looks more radiant when she is wearing a beautiful wedding dress which she can buy in any online stores. Online shops sells a wide variety of bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses, mother of the bride dresses, and flower girl dresses. Apart from the dress, choosing the perfect wedding day shoes is also important.

There are many ways to select the perfect shoes and there is no need to follow a single recipe to do that.
You have to first consider the shoes that is appropriate for your wedding’s setting. You certainly cannot wear stilettos on a sandy beach. Brides are increasingly choosing two pairs of shoes, elegant heels during the ceremony and a more comfortable pair for the reception. Make sure to test the shoes you have chosen before your wedding day to see if you are comfortable wearing them. You can also pick out shoes that go with your wedding’s theme. Choose shoes that match an accent color. Shoes with rhinestones and other embellishments are suitable for a more formal affair.

Shop for shoes that matches your dress but do not go overboard. Do not be afraid to experiment with a pop of color since anything goes with white. There are things to keep in mind though when matching your shoes to your wedding gown. Try on your shoes with your dress to make sure that you will not trip over the fabric or drag the hem on the ground. Also ensure that the fabrics do not clash or else everything will look “off”. If you have a short dress, wear high heels so as to look well-proportioned. Furthermore, your shoes need to match the overall feel of your dress.

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