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November 5, 2016


Many men cringe when they hear the word “leggings.” Anyone wanting to maintain a modicum of masculinity when it comes to a wardrobe will immediately begin thinking of fashion items like yoga pants and skinny jeans. These items are made for very specific body types and personalities, but common mens leggings encompass a great deal more.

For most guys, it’s better to think of leggings as pants, warm-ups, or even the proverbial “duds.” Even better, is the association of certain legging types with quintessential manly needs and activities. The perfect type of leggings for incorporation into the manly wardrobe are polar fleece leggings. These fashionable and versatile clothing items are indispensable when it comes to normal male daily functions, and can satisfy the need for functional outer and underwear.

Athletic Fleece

Leggings for men who like to remain athletically active even during cold weather should incorporate thermal materials. Polar fleece is a type of weave that helps retain body heat, yet remains flexible and sleek. Tighter fitting leggings with polar material properties are far thicker than lycra and spandex-style leggings, and they help keep an athletic body in safe motion. After donning these leggings, most guys will also discover they do a great job accentuating lower body features.

Loose Fleece Leggings

This type of legging style is akin to the traditional sweatpants seen in gyms and the favorite couch. Looser-fitting leggings have a more plush weave, but are still designed for the active body. Current loose legging styles for men have a “carrot” cut. The tapers are wide at the hip and skinny near the ankle. They are extremely appropriate for every male body type, and never fit too tight.

Polar Lining

Holding to the purist definition of leggings, workwear and casual pants can feature a polar fleece interior lining. Instead of a single layer of denim or canvass, these types of leggings include a thin and comfortable layer of fleece material for extra warmth. These leggings are now a common part of every extreme weather working man’s fashion repertoire, and absolutely do the job of keeping the wearer warm in frigid conditions.

When shopping for the perfect style and type of Polar fleece leggings, men should keep in mind that classifications and labels can lose a little in translation. Leggings universally refers to items that clothe men from the waist down. The inclusion of polar fleece descriptions means that the item has material and construction designed to keep the lower extremities warm no matter the activity requirement.

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