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August 24, 2018

19 Momme Short Sleeved Silk Nightgown With Lace Decoration

Are you looking for the best and yet affordable kind of pajamas and night robes for you to use as sleepwear? if so, why not to check this online store called Freedomsilk where all of these sleepwear finds were houses and even to sells out for a very reasonable prices. To be honest, I was stuns with this shop because we all knew that silk is one of the best and quality material to use when it comes to bedding, pillow cases and this night wear for women. But this site did all their products made out of it, silk, hence I was kinda hesitant to buy as I knew silk in the market are too pricey and expensive. But to my surprised, this shop is pretty simply and yet all of their items were too cheap to get in fact you could get some women’s silk nightgowns for as low as 50 usd per set, which is kinda odd for many as the minimum pricing of silk for nighgowns ranges to 100 usd to up. So, this shop really does a good job by selling off their all items in a very affordable prices.

19 Momme Pure Mulberry Silk Duvet Cover

Also, this shop is too keen to sell some awesome mulberry silk bedding that are good for your room aesthetic. Because mulberry silk bedding were comes usually in different sizes and designs which I know most of you out there are pretty much to get off from this shop. I actually too pleased to buy off some for our newly bought house and I think the pink mulberry bedding set is really perfect to my room as it could gives accentual to the whole room. For more designs and selections, you may now check the shop yourself and see what they could offer you best!

19 Momme Housewife Envelope Closure Silk Pillowcase

Furthermore, to complete your room set. I think you should get some silk pillowcases as well. Because their pillow cases comes with different colors as well that would matched perfect to the theme you wanna get for your own room. Thus, if you were in needed some of the silk products for home, just check this shop up as they are slowing expanding their brand and they might have some newly added items soon on their shop.

July 6, 2017


You might not know that one third of our life is spent in sleeping. Yes, that is quite a lot. Sleeping 1-3rd!!!!!! That is too much. However, did we ever pay attention to our health or body while we are sleeping? Well, most of us do not consider “Right Sleeping” important and right sleeping means the right mattress and right posture. Dr. Neil Kline, the spokesperson for the American Sleep Association states that “A mattress is so important since it’s the one thing that is closer to us than anything else when we are sleeping, during that one-third of our lifetime.”

Let us see how Mattress are so important

A wrong mattress negatively affects our sleep which means poor sleep and major health issues. Waking up with shoulder, neck or back pain or getting up tired even after 8 hours of sleep indicates bad mattress.

A good mattress helps in keeping your spine in align while you are on your bed which aids in reducing joint and muscle pain. Your mattress also regulates your body temperature while you are sleeping. Yes, this is a lot of work that a good mattress does while we give rest to our body.

To help in getting the right mattress, we bring you some of the best mattress reviews and options which you may consider while buying this time. Here we go-

Amerisleep AS2 also known as Revere

The first mattress option that tops our list is Amerisleep AS2 which has bundle of positive reviews and is rating high in many third party websites too.

This mattress is made with plant based memory foam which is derived from soybean oil. A complete eco-friendly option. Durability and heat or odour has never been an issue with this mattress. In all, a good buy for a good health.

Loom & Leaf

The next closest contender in the best mattress category is Loom & Leaf. It is manufactured by the well-known company, SAATVA. The mattress made by this company is known for the reliability and high standards. It is made of organic plant-based materials which makes it a great choice for the environment and the sleeper both.

Bear Mattress

A great mattress option for its innovative technology and fair price. This mattress is becoming a favourite amid athletes and all active people as its technology works wonder in healing and also enhance the recovery speed of body. A superb combo of peaceful sleep and body recovery.

Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze 

The next best mattress in our list is Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme Breeze. Cloud Supreme uses high as well as the medium density memory foams. Durabity has never been an issue with the brand and a great choice for heavier people.

With so many great options of mattresses available (some mentioned above), then why should one compromise with their health due to a bad or uncomfortable mattress. Remember, a good sleep indicates a healthy body and mind. So, get one for yourself that suits your personal requirements as you truly deserve the best. Cheers!!



February 14, 2017

Those who enjoy living in a remote location that is hidden away from the rest of the world often prefer to find a house in the mountains. Many people who want a slower pace of life and desire to get out of the city often head to the great outdoors when they want a change in their lifestyle. When considering moving to the mountains, there are a number of benefits that come with living in the setting.

Quiet Surroundings

Those who are looking to purchase mountain property for sale can enjoy the quiet surroundings that are available with living in the location. You can avoid hearing nearby traffic or cars honking in an area where you’ll have a permanent escape. You’ll enjoy feeling more at peace while listening to the tranquil sounds of water running from a nearby river or birds chirping in the morning.


Homes that are built in the mountains don’t need fences or walls to enclose the property due to neighbors that aren’t located nearby. You can roam the great outdoors without running into people or worrying about closing your blinds at night. You can also turn your music up or open your windows without worrying about other people hearing your conversation.

Beautiful Views

You can feel like you’re vacationing throughout the year by owning a home in the mountains due to the beautiful views that are available. You’ll be surrounded by breathtaking views of the trees and may also see a nearby lake or river in the distance and you can either have your own camping place that everyone would envy about, go get yourself a Hiking Gear now. The natural landscapes will allow you to be at ease and take stunning photographs in every direction. You’ll also spot plenty of animals that roam the area while exploring the outdoors.

Outdoor Activities

Although you may not be in close proximity to busy downtown areas, it’s easy to stay busy while living in the mountains. You’ll have access to plenty of outdoor activities that include hiking on trails, fishing, and biking. You can stay physically active in a beautiful destination. During the winter season, you’ll get the chance to go skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing when you want to avoid feeling cooped up indoors.

When you want to relocate and enjoy a higher quality of life, there are a number of advantages that come with living in the mountains. The picturesque setting will allow you to live a quiet lifestyle that makes it easy to stop and smell the roses.

November 21, 2016

If you are a morning person like myself, I know and I am pretty sure that you have an coffee maker at home that is pretty use in the morning, right? but you know what? there were some advance coffee makers around the market today that can makes you amazed as these new advance coffee makers has something new to offer such as built-in filter and antibacterial feature which really amazing to know, right?

Today, let me intruduce to you this lovely Ecooe glass French Press coffee maker from the shop that am pleased to have nowadays. Because this little guy here has really awesome to do not just to fulfill your caffeine intact but also makes you healthy overall. Yes! you can enjoy drinking your coffee while doing yourself a favor for making it healthy, so how this may happens? well, the French Press with double filters is pretty intact to the pitcher that means it does purified the water you uses even those water sink is fine to use as the coffee maker do its job.

Also, as for the material wise, this coffee maker has a great glass that would lasted even for ten years guarantee and if doesnt satisfied you just let them now and they’d willing to replace even to do refund based on the rules on the product before you purchased it. Hence, better yet to read the terms and conditions for exchange before going further. But to guarantee you about this product, I got myself already one and am loving it as it does lasted with me for 3 years now and still it’s like a new one, just use it properly and you wont get any trouble, at all..

March 22, 2015

 photo billy closet storage_zpsfi6vxzeo.jpg

Livening up your closet doesn’t mean you have to feel guilty about utilizing the planet’s resources. Here are a few ways to incorporate sustainability into your closet.

Natural Fibers

It used to be that natural fibers were synonymous with itchy and uncomfortable. That is no longer the case. Clothing made with fibers such as silk, organic cotton and bamboo is created to feel smooth and allow for breathability. Tightly woven pieces are soft against the skin and aren’t clingy. Natural fibers are unprocessed and can be created without the use of toxins and chemicals. They are light in weight and can be used for any article of clothing. Natural fibers are also a win due to being biodegradable.

Second Hand

What better way to give a piece of clothing long lasting life than use it again and again? Skip the mall and check out your local thrift stores. You may be surprised at treasures hidden amongst the racks. Find a few pieces to add to your closet that have been gently used and you can rest assured that you are not causing new resources to be used for your wardrobe. Not only are you giving pieces a second life, but the prices you encounter at a second hand store can grant you the option of buying twice as much as your budget may have allowed otherwise.


Find a bunch of cool old ties but don’t know what use they could possibly have? Break out the sewing machine and stitch them together lengthwise to create a fantastically unique A-line skirt. Have a hole in the knee of an old pair of jeans? Pull out the inner seams and make a denim skirt. Hang on to your favorite items long after they’ve outlived their current use by upcycling them into a new article of clothing.

Recycled Materials

You may be surprised to learn that natural fibers aren’t the only material that can be utilized to create sustainable clothing. Materials such as plastic bottles can be recycled into fabric, as well. In fact, one company removes labels and caps from bottles, breaks them down into flakes, melts those flakes into pellets, and then heats it in yet another way to create a fiber. This fiber undergoes a variety of stretching and crimping processes to create fabric used for clothing. Recycled clothing can be extremely stylish too! Check out the recycled pants by Teeki on St. Bernard Sports.

Eco-Responsible Manufacturing

Keep abreast of how your wardrobe comes to be in the first place. Check out manufactures that create brands you are drawn to and verify that they utilize earth-friendly practices. Researching online can often turn up questionable practices that are a little less than stellar for the environment. If you find the company doesn’t make the grade, consider engaging in an e-mail campaign to let them know that eco-responsible manufacturing is important to you as a consumer.

Keeping sustainable measures in mind while you shop may seem difficult at first, but it can quickly become second nature. Follow these tips and you can wear your new (or new to you) duds knowing you had minimal impact on the earth.

February 17, 2015

 photo cn_imagesizevicente-wolf-01-living-room-h670_zps419cd1f1.jpg

City apartments come in many different styles, and some lend themselves to one particular type of interior design rather than another. A studio apartment, for example, may suit the professional bachelor, while a large apartment complete with original features might be the choice of a family that appreciates traditional design.


A traditional style of furnishing has undeniable elegance and will make your apartment welcoming and inspiring. To achieve a traditional look, you will need vintage rather than modern furniture, such as a Chesterfield sofa for your seating area, an iron bedstead for your bedroom, and a bureau or leather-topped desk for your workspace. To avoid a cluttered look, keep the walls light with a subtly-patterned wallpaper or cream paint.

Living in a tiny space

Many of us who have to live in a small space still want to be able to say they have a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, and maybe even a dining room. However, many apartments these days are open-plan, so if you want different areas, you will need to make zones. You can do this by hanging curtains and screens, or even pieces of storage furniture, such as bookcases, to serve as room dividers.

You can also invest in modern furniture that has been specifically designed to capitalize on space. For example, if you only have one room, you can buy a pull-down bed that closes up to the wall when not in use – these come in a variety of sizes, from singles up to king-size. Drop-leaf tables that can be put up when needed are also a good choice for space-challenged apartments.

Airy and spacious

Other people may have airy and spacious apartments, but how do you make such a big space feel warm and welcoming? The first thing to do is dress the windows in an attractive manner to draw the eye to them and to warm the space up. Blinds are always a good choice and can be hung on their own or teamed with side drapes to create more of a feature.

If you have a lot of floor space, you should opt for larger furniture to fill it up. This is easily achieved with seating as there are plenty of sofas available that offer space for four people or more. It can also be a good choice to buy a sofa that has a chaise longue element to it. This not only gives another seating option but also gives a sofa a more interesting shape and can be used to zone a room.

If your large apartment is a converted industrial space, you could decorate it in the same theme, using industrial-style pendant lighting and wooden and metal furniture – the perfect choice for the urban dweller.

Whatever the size of your apartment, you should ultimately furnish it in a way that makes you feel comfortable and that you can live in, rather than focusing on a definite style that looks good but is less than welcoming.