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March 17, 2016

I started feeling this pain that is difficult to describe on my lower teeth and gums. It wasn’t there all the time. The pain was on and off and it was quite bearable. I never thought of visiting a dentist to check it out and I was not at all keen to visit a dentist anyway. One morning, as I was looking into the mirror I noticed that my lower teeth were out of alignment. They were pushed out of place.

A trip to the dentist revealed my lower wisdom teeth were the cause of the problem and pain. I didn’t even know I had wisdom teeth! The bad news was my wisdom teeth on both sides of my lower jaw were not growing normally. In fact, they were growing horizontally and pushing my lower teeth out of alignment.

Too late to regret for not paying attention to the numbing pain on my lower teeth or gums. I needed multiple dental treatments. One, is to have 2 surgery done to remove both of my lower wisdom teeth and to wear braces to realignment my lower teeth. I went away from the dental clinic with a heavy heart and thinking of the amount I will have to pay for the dental procedures.

That evening I was sharing my dental problems and worries with a friend. After listening, he just told me that “Don’t worry, you can find the best dentist in Philippines from Dental Departures”. There are currently 88 plus dentists in Philippines who are part of Dental Departures and not only that, these dentists provide high quality dental care.

From the website, the clients can actually compare the clinics and review all their details listed inside. Once the clients find the perfect dental clinic, booking for an appointment can be done online and if one wish to cancel the booking, it could be done too without any charge. All the details are listed in the website.

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