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December 12, 2014

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Some time in life we really needed a breather where you can let go all our frustrations, stresses either all the thoughts in mind that are overstaying for long times now. I am quite toxic with work these recently and I cant seems find a way to get rid of it. Luckily, one of my friends from the Philippines came by and invited me and hubby to visit L.A. of course to have fun as we catching up. We’ve been to the famous walk of fame street where all the top celebrities got their own star tiled over the street’s floor. And we also went in some corner’s souvenir shops to buy off  memorabilia items for our friends back in the Philippines.

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Look who I bumped into. It’s Captain America and the great superman. I was quite amused because this was my first time seeing old guys cosplaying these cartooning characters. Because this isn’t usual in the Philippines.. eheh

The outfit I wore are from Macy’s and the watch’s brand is MK given by my brother from the client he used to worked with… While the flip flop is from the website shop who have done collaborating with me. All details to my outfit will be posted up on my next post because I am already run of time for continuing this since I needed to off for work now.

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