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December 15, 2014

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When I am in home, and my friends are heading over at my place. Sometimes i run out of ideas what to do with them. Gossiping is on the top list but topics die out fast. So here is when my friend suggested about playing bingo, and I had a smirk on my face. I know my friends, they are not bingo ladies. But I was in for a surprise that night, my friends talked about how they love bingo.

So we had a small bingo game, with each of us contributing for the prize money. Voila, I am so happy a 2 liner game but I was ecstatic because I never won a raffle till date. When my friend was leaving, she told me if I like to play online bingo then I could try out few of her suggestions. One such suggestion was to play at New Look Bingo, a site which shares the name of a fashion brand. That did catch my eye, the site is cleverly designed with a chic girl playing bingo in her mobile. We are all those fast paced ladies who does thing on the go. I registered myself and was glad to see £15 free quids in my account. It’s hard to get free lunch in this world, getting free bingo to play is definitely my cup of tea.

I like the fact there were many bingo rooms along with slots games from casino. I enjoyed playing in these sites and as Christmas is in the air. The site is ladled with many promotions that helps you winning so many prizes. Cashback on games, is the icing on the cake. What I liked is the chat rooms, chatting and discussing about trends in holiday destinations, also on fashion. To sum it up, it was a good break from my usual time pass activities, I loved playing it for the sheer fun and you could join now for your fun promotions that you could like. Winning or losing just depends on luck and we can be assured that may be one day we will see our name on that cheque.

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